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Web Consultation

Consulting Services

Whether you are a corporation requiring a digital marketing roadmap or a small business working on a tight budget, we can make your business more profitable. Premium services at a competitive price is the “Razor” Difference." From strategy, digital marketing, public relations, print design, graphics design, programming, optimization, and analytical tracking our services are geared toward making your marketing strategy blow throw the clutter, creating more efficiency and profitability.

Website Development

Your website design affects your entire digital presence. Experience the Razor Difference of Custom Web Design.

Video Production

High-quality video can amplify your brand and show your commitment to quality. Nothing can attract customers like a professional video.


Utilizing cutting edge graphic design for your small business will help you stand out from your competition and create credibility.

Social Media Management

Social Media can be an extremely effective way to reach your target audience, grow your brand, and stay connected to your customers. 

Email Marketing

39% of Americans check their email up to three times a day. Having a strong email marketing campaign to stay in front of your audience is essential.

Public Relations

We use our experience to tell the story of people who deserve to have their stories told. We have the tools to share that story.

Online Advertising

The world of marketing is innovating quickly. Online ads allow you to placed in front of your target audience no matter your business or your budget. 


No matter your line of business we can help you become more profitable. Our one-to-one consulting services can be the difference. 

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