The RAZOR TEAM uses our many years of experience to tell the story of people (not just corporations) who deserve to have their stories told. This is done by and large through interactions via the media.  To sperate your message from all the rest, having a PR firm that can help you tell your story to your customers is what will set you apart!

WHY do you need a professional PR Company?


Simply put they are trained to tell your story about your brand/company.  the RAZOR Team is empowered with the task of growing, guiding, and managing the consumer/stakeholder perception of your brand/company and the message received about your brand by these groups. Our marketing consultants are professionals that aid your marketing and advertising campaigns by adding an extra layer of substance to the message received by the consumer through articles, press releases, statements, events and comment through the media.

When you read a news article, hear a radio spot from a DJ or journalist, read about an event or new product in your local magazine or newspaper, the chances are there is a PR professional behind that interaction creating that angle and message and guiding the way you receive it.

PR professionals are the voice of your brand in print, radio, TV and online; they create a rich history and story for your brand that they share that story with your customers through the media.

R professionals aim to get the most accurate and positive news out to the consumer about their brand, but there is always an element of negative to be managed about any brand. How that is managed by the media and in turn interpreted by the consumer, is guided by the PR professionals.

The RAZOR Team can help your project stand out in all the clutter.  Contact us to see how!

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