Digital Advertising For Your Business

Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most well known online advertising platforms where you are able to customize ads that show on Google's search engine results page as well as partner websites. Running Google Ads can be an effective way to drive new traffic to your website and reach new potential customers. If you are looking to increase your visibility in your specific marketplace and generate new leads for your business Google Ads may be a smart choice. Google Ads allow you to compete in your marketplace against companies that may be much larger in size. With the help of the Google keyword and ad planner you can trust that your ad can reach the customers you want. It is important to know that with the growth of Google Ads and competition levels, when it comes to most bussinesses, Google Ads can at times be expensive for small business owners. It may be worth the money to get infront of your desired audience, but it often times takes an expert with the know how to create a suituble ROI. The Razor Thin Media team is experienced in helping companies with their Google Ad strategy, design, implementation, and tracking. We will create ads that with hit their desired target, with strategic keyword optimization, budget controls, and design aspects.

Facebook Ads

What really is a Facebook Ad? Can't I just boost my post? These are questions we often recieve from clients. The anwser is yes, you could just boost your post. This will help your post be more engaged with and help build levels of brand awarness. That being said, Facebook Ads can be so much more than that. According to Facebook, more than 1.4 billion people use Facebook to connect with what matters to them, with more than 900 million visits every day. This means that with Facebook Ads you can target your desired audience by location, age, interests, demographics, lifestyle, and more. This makes your ads and more importantly your ad dollars more applicable for your desired audience. This gives a much more desired return on your investment. When people create a Facebook profile they already give Facebook a lot of their personal information such as age, location, etc... this allows Facebook to be a very strong marketing platform as it already understands the desired audiences. This can be a great tool for small business owners to create leads, establish a brand, convert sales, and grow your business. Facebook often times can be much more afforadable for the small business owner. Depending on your marketing budget you can spend thousands of dollars or even just a couple dollars a week to boost your business. The Razor Team has years of experiencing of the ever changing Facebook Ad algorithim and understand the tips and trips to get you seen by your potential customers.


Where Should I Run Online Ads? Where to start?

Ready to Grow Your Business? Find A Team You Can Trust.

The world of billboards and newspaper ads are quickly disappearing in the rearview mirror. Businesses, both small and large, are entering the world of online advertising. This form of advertising uses the internet to deliver promotional material to a targeted audience. The goal and ability of online advertising are using superior targeting tools to maximize and optimize your visibility to your potential customer, generate leads, convert sales, and essentially grow your business. 


Strategic Thinking

Online advertising or better known as Pay Per Click advertising is more than just a boosted post here or there for your small business. It is using superior tools and systems such as Facebook Ads, Google Ad Words, and more to place yourself in front of your desired audience online. 


Proven System

Razor Thin Media has a proven system of creating online advertisements that not only hold a "WOW" factor but meet the right factors that sing to the mighty ad algorithms. From initial testing through the entire ad and retargeting process. Use this system for you to generate leads and scale business.  

Online Shopping

Budget Optimized

Not every business has thousands or tens of thousands to spend on an ad budget every month. Luckily, running high quality, lead-generating ads, don't have to cost thousands of dollars. For even a small budget, we can help you still reach your custom audience to have a positive ROI.