Videography & Drone Services

A Professional Corporate Event Video Reflects On Your Company

People who are watching your corporate event/product video aren’t just learning about who your company is and what your company does. They’re also learning about your commitment to quality. If your event video looks like it was shot off the cuff by an employee on someone’s phone, people may assume you take that kind of approach to your business & service to your customers. You don’t, but it’s an easy assumption to make. A professionally shot video with high production values signals to viewers that your company appreciates quality and seeks it out in everything they do.

A Professionally Done Video Tells A Story

Companies with experience creating videos do more than just capture actions digitally, they also find the story in the event they are recording and use their videography skills to tell that story. This storyline is reflected in what they choose to shoot, when they shoot it and how they edit it all together.​ It’s that storyline that is going to capture the attention of your audience and give your video the desired effect. It’s also going to stir up emotions and passion in your customers, creating momentum in your company and boosting your bottom line. Make sure telling your story is part of your marketing strategy.

How Can We Help With Your Next Video?

THE RAZOR TEAM specializes in video production for use in a variety of different media vehicles including: -Streaming Video -Facebook Live Video -Youtube Channel Video -Drone Video -4k Video Production for Movie Theaters -Athlete Promotional Video -Product Promotional Video


Why Use Video?

Video Production Amplifies Your Brand


See Our Video Work

We’ve all seen our fair share of poorly made corporate videos. You know the ones we mean: The script is cliché; the volume never seems to be exactly right; and within a minute of viewing, your eyes are already glazed over! RAZOR THIN MEDIA is a pioneer in this space and is helping usher in the next generation of digital cinema, so be ready.  Poorly made corporate videos can result in viewers losing interest—well-made videos have the potential of attracting new customers and even going viral.

Discover the RAZOR WAY of producing videos that get results.  We start with a consultation, followed by a detailed storyboard that identifies the outcome.  Then our team of videographers goes to work shooting the video elements.  Finally, the video is brought to life in our editing room. Contact us today to learn how you can RAZORFY your next video project! 



It's all about the angles. Anybody can take video, but drone footage takes your video to another level. Having a professional videography marketing expert with the tools to make you stand out from your competition is our mission. 



In the ever so powerful Google algorithm utilizing video on your website can be a monumental SEO boost. Not only will it draw attention to your site, but it will allow you to be found more on the web. 



Video’s draw attention and create a “WOW” factor. Utilizing video can create an emotional connection to your brand. Share your message and your vision with your audience through video today.