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Razor Thin Media


First and foremost, we serve our clients as a marketing consultant that knows all the industry best practices.  We work with you to understand your wishes because you are the expert in your business.  In today’s day and age, it isn’t enough to have a static website or lifeless marketing collateral.  You must have a fully integrated marketing approach to your marketing plan. The combination of your industry knowledge and the RAZOR team of professional marketers, we form a formidable team. We design and implement just about every form of marketing or advertising collateral that you need to be successful. 


Tell Your Story

When asked what sets you apart from other marketing agencies, we respond, that we want to understand your story and show how it relates to potential customers.  

That is the RAZOR Difference!

You are the expert on your product and industry. We make it our primary goal to listen to you and really understand what makes you tick so we can translate that to your customers and prospects.  

Struggling to Figure Out Your Marketing Strategy?

The world of marketing and advertising is getting more complex every day.

How do you decide what path to take, what to add, what to ignore, and whom to listen to? Staying on top of all the options and approaches to optimize your marketing budget wisely can be challenging. As a small or medium-sized business, it is likely you probably don’t have a full-time marketing staff to focus on the growth and image of your own company. Trying to navigate a marketing strategy while also running your company is nearly impossible. We at RAZOR understand this and want to work alongside your team to enhance your strategies and help you cut through all the clutter.

We have a proven history of helping companies discover what marketing creatives and channels make the most sense for their product or service. Implementing creative ideas without strategic thinking can be a huge waste of time and money. We can help you determine the best ways to invest your marketing dollars so you can reach your audience. Whether you need an internet marketing consultant or you want to revamp both your internet and traditional marketing approach, we are here to help.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your business and work alongside your team in implementing the right marketing mix.

Experience The Razor Difference Today. 

Work With The Experts


Meet Cameron

Cameron has worked in marketing for over 25+ years with companies like the Phx Suns and His knowledge of SEO strategy is second to none. His experience is what drives the Razor Difference.  

President & CEO

Chaz brings a creative mindset in implementing strategic marketing design and copy that breaths life into your brand. Chaz specializes in web design and online advertising to enhance your company's image and generate online leads.

Meet Chaz
Account Manager
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