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Small Business Marketing Tips Taught By Children

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Establishing and implementing a marketing strategy for your small business in Arizona can seem extremely complex and time-consuming as a business owner. Countless long nights of scheming on how to properly and creatively promote your business to be sustainable and grow can leave you feeling lost and frustrated.

What if it was simpler than that? What if all your marketing strategies could be found through the lens of a child? Children are much more honest and insightful than the runny noses and screams we often give them credit for. They are full of wisdom and truth, unfiltered and honest.

There are a lot of things we have come to realize that children can teach about the world of marketing. Here are a few things we've been taught about creating a marketing campaign from children.

Keep It Simple

I am sure many have heard of the acronym, K.I.S.S. This stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. Often we over complicate our marketing message to the point that it is not easily registered with our customer audience.

Kids are known to have short attention spans, usually lasting anywhere from 2-5 minutes, if you are lucky. They are busy and adventurous and don't have time to be tied down to one thing for too long, before their desire to engage in the next activity grows. Adults are no different.

This means that your creative content or advertisement needs to be quick, easy to read, and valuable to the consumer. Most people don't have the time or the will power to stay around and read an extremely lengthy blog post or long advertisement. Having content that is easy to absorb like videos that draw you in, is the new era that we live in.

With so much available content on the internet today, Companies have to be careful not to squash their chances of engaging with your potential audience by running content that requires to long of an individual's attention span.

Create Emotion In Your Content

Who remembers hearing this famous line from their parents as a kid, "Make sure to eat your vegetables. They are good for you." Even though that line holds substantial truth, it doesn't make any child want to eat those slimy green objects any more.

Kids want to eat fun things! Popeye the Sailor Man seemed to make eating spinach look cool because of how strong he got when he ate it. That emotional connection was just enough to get me to eat some spinach. With children, logic doesn't matter much when making decisions about what they want to do or what they want to eat.

Now adults are typically a little different. We want information, statistics on why our purchases might be beneficial to us. What happens when the facts don't really matter?

Advertising research has shown that for most commercials and ads, emotion is more influential than the content of the ad.

Take Apple for example. Very rarely do you see an Apple ad that is filled with information about the amount of storage space available on an iPhone or much of the technical aspects of the devices at all. What you do see is the lifestyle and the emotion that comes from being an "Apple" user. People respond to that, they desire the lifestyle that this brand makes them feel, it creates customer loyalty and commitment to the brand.

Tell a Story

As we previously stated, kids are not easily moved by facts or stats, rather impacted by feelings and emotions.

Have you ever met a kid that has dreaded storytime? I haven't. I remember gathering around loved ones enthralled by their stories that would make me laugh, scared, or sad. As a kid hearing my Dad speak about his basketball or football games in High School created this emotional connection to these sports that I found myself wanting to be so involved in.

Marketing is just the same. Identifying your company story is worth the time and investment. More and more people are looking to do business with a company that has a story and a mission, finding yours and telling it is crucial to a strong marketing message.

This provides a way to bring out the inner kid in our customers and to humanize your brand as you work with people. Now I am not saying that you have to have an incredible story for your brand or to make up one to get more customers. Instead there is great value in telling a story that shows who you actually are and build that bridge to your customer. By doing this you start to build trust with your audience.

A lot of times this can simply be done by incorporating an about page on your company website. Here is an example of helping one of our clients tell their story about how their Plumbing and HVAC company has come to be, can be found here. Another great example of one of our clients sharing their simple story about their rental property business can be found here.

Finding and stating your why and who you are through providing practical points of what you offer as a business and what you stand for will create a emotional message that people will want to hear.

Be Familiar

If Apple came out with a really boring commercial showing all the unexciting, less important aspects of what an Apple phone could do, how would most consumers react? It goes away from their typical ads which are usually extremely upbeat, showing many young people seemingly having a good time, taking pictures, or staying connected through their device.

Creating promotional material that is off-brand can not only shock your current audience but leave your future potential audience confused about your goods or services.

Kids love familiarity. Most kids know that every time a Lucky Charms commercial comes on there is going to be a happy Leprechaun, surrounded with a bunch of happy children eating something colorful and interesting. This type of consistency is also important to the older audiences. Change at times can bring stress to your customer loyalty.

Brand consistently builds trust.

Razor Thin Media Can Help Tell Your Story

Telling your story brings a great deal of value to your small business. We have all come from somewhere and sharing your brand as something that is simple, emotional, and familiar can bolster your marketing message and bring a foundation to your brand.

Razor Thin Media has had over 25+ years of experience helping small businesses tell their story to their desired audience. Our creative ideas and marketing strategies can allow you to share your story in the best way possible to the largest audience possible.

Let's get to work. Visit our website at or give us a call at 928.978.5077.

You can find us on instagram @razorthinmedia

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