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What's In A Brand? 5 Keys To A Stronger Branding Message

If you are a Razor Thin Media follower, you may have heard us talk about "building your brand" or "branding". There have been some people who have wondered, "what is a brand!?", and find themselves lost on where to even start. We are here to provide guidance on what it truly means to have a successful brand and action steps to get there!

Many entrepreneurs or small business owners mistake the idea of their branding, just being their logo design or web presence. Although this is a role in your overall branding campaign, your logo is not the end all be all. Many small businesses fail at creating a strong brand because they do not understand all the ingredients that go into creating a strong brand identity.

Razor Thin Media wants to help your small business be successful, read these 5 Keys to a Stronger Branding Message to start your path of fortifying your business.

1. Create the Mantra

Preparation is key. In another blog post, we talk about how preparing for a football game it is vital to study film, create a game plan, and executing that game plan, and how similar that is in your brand messaging.

Your business team should get together with your marketing professional and realize how you want to be perceived by the public and specifically your target audience. What is your vision? How do you want to be remembered? Create your mantra from this.

For example, Razor Thin Media wants to be known as the marketing company that can help small businesses #CutThroughTheClutter and stand out from their competition. All we do as a company stems from that vision of helping others stand out online.

2. Cut Through The Clutter

This next key is huge. Standing out from the crowd and your competition has a monumental impact on the success of your brand. Once you know how you want to be perceived, extensive detail needs to go into your image to reflect that company vision.

Study what your competitors are doing. How are they connecting with your target audience? What is common? What needs to be innovated to make your goods or services more attractive to your audience. By answering these questions you will have great insight into the designs, messaging, website, company logo, and customer interactions that will resonate with your target audience.

3. Be Patient

Everyone knows the famous quote, "Rome wasn't built in one day." Establishing a brand is something that takes time, research, and innovation.

Look at companies like Coca-Cola or Apple. Always generating something new and exciting, but staying true to that original vision that they had when they started the company. From there all the new ideas and designs can flow.

4. Consistency is Key

According to Fundera, 70% of start-up businesses fail by the 10-year mark. Consistency is a huge reason many start-up companies don't make it.

Create a brand from the beginning and have buy-in from each and every employee. As the company culture raises and consistent brand messaging and advertising continues, your brand will grow! Abandoning ship every time a storm comes is a recipe for disaster. Establish your brand and stick to it! It will build trust with customers both old and new and validate you as a business to trust.

Use a design team that markets your company with consistency. By using the same text, color schemes, and verbiage can boost your potential consumer's trust and make you more memorable.

5. You are in the People Business

Although your company may sell a good or offer a service, we are all in the people business. At the end of the day, there is someone that is directly impacted by your work. This should be the number one priority. Most people are going to work with a people-oriented company, so building a people-friendly brand is key!

This stems from the top down. From the way that your employees interact with your customers to the way that you advertise and market your business. Be on the mission to help people, and your brand will stand out.

Bonus Tip:

6. Use a Proven Brand Strategist for Help

Branding is not easy. It takes a large amount of time, effort, and creativity. Asking a marketing company with years of experience to help build your brand to your ideal vision is a smart investment.

Partner with a brand consultant who can offer a different point of view and creative ways to help get you and your business get to the desired destination.

You know what, we just so happen to know a group you could contact! Visit or just give us a call at 928.978.5077 to start building all aspects of your companies brand!

Look for a marketing team that not only has the talent to create amazing graphic designs and websites but a team that can help you establish your brand and KEEP your business moving forward.

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