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Building A Small Business In Your Rural Community

Small businesses are what the American economy is built on. Multi-billion dollar companies such as Apple, Walmart, or Disney are not what keeps the world turning for those that have settled down in a rural community.

We are seeing that more than ever during this Global Pandemic, daily life has been affected in a way that most have never truly seen before. Whether you are trying to launch a new business in your local area or you are a current business owner, your brand is vital to strengthening your business and setting yourself apart from the rest.

Small business owners that are searching for a way to track ROI need digital marketing. Digital marketing is a must for promoting your product or service, but optimizing your online platforms is also vital to continue to generate success for your small business.

With the changing of times and content always being so readily available, local businesses also need to be constantly updating and creating relevant information for their potential customers a priority.

The "Must-Have" Elements of A Local Business Online Marketing Strategy

We want to walk you through 5 Crucial Elements of a Small Business Marketing Strategy. By implementing these 5 elements into your company CAN be the difference of helping your local business #CutThroughTheClutter

  1. Website

  2. Social Media Accounts

  3. Email Marketing

  4. Blog

  5. Conversion Tools


A website is to your online business is as brick and mortar shop front is to your offline business. It is one of the most integral components of your online success. Leaving a lasting impression on the visitors who land on your page is the main goal but there are many strategies for making this a reality.  Employing the wrong strategies can have a very negative effect on your business.

If your website does not exude professionalism, credibility, and great quality, customers may be scared away.

This is where you can show who you are, what you offer, your location, and how a potential customer could reach you for business. Your website needs to be cataloged by Google so that it can start to rank and climb in the “Natural Search”.  Connecting to Google via Google My Business is also a must.  Through this vehicle more people will find your business, can leave a review, and find your location on a map.  Don’t overlook the importance of working with Google when it comes to your Search Engine Optimization of your website.  It takes a trained web developer to be able to put all these pieces together.  Just another reason working with the Razor Team can fast track your business success.

Social Media

Social Media is much more than a fun platform that your high school teenagers use to connect and socialize. It is a very POWERFUL business tool.

With Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn sponsored content, Twitter ads, Pinterest promoted pins and more, social media has become a dominant force in marketing.

But social media marketing doesn’t stop at ads. Through branding, company engagement, consumer feedback and more, social media has completely altered the way businesses think about marketing.

These tools can help increase your traffic, improve search engine rankings, and allow you to personally engage with potential customers.

Email Marketing

According to HubSpot, 73% of millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email. This is obviously a crucial aspect of a local business marketing plan to communicate with your target audience and send pertinent valuable information.

Email marketing tools are relatively inexpensive or even free. This becomes a cheap, easy, and scalable way to communicate with new customers and current customers.

Creating simple newsletters or sending out your blog posts to your email databases can be a great way to connect with your audience.


Starting a blog can be much more simple than you may think. Most current website platforms offer a blog function or there are inexpensive external tools available to use to make your emails quick and easy.

Even if you only have time to generate one blog post a week, it can greatly improve your website's search ranking and visibility and help inform your potential customers on why they should do business with your company. Writing a blog also generates a way for you to continue to establish your brand and build a faithful audience.

After writing a few blogs you can begin to implement calls to action to have visitors subscribe to receive emails. This will generate a warm group of potential leads for your business.

Conversion Tools

Through the use of social media insights, tools like Facebook's Pixel, you can add a widget to your website to collect information from your potential customers. This gives you the ability to track and better understand your audience and conversion rates.

From there you can send out targeted promotions and offer to move them from just viewers to customers.

Razor Thin Media Can Help

If this all seems like a lot, well, your not wrong. For most small business and local business owners, having the time to implement a strong, planned marketing strategy may seem laughable.

Hiring external parties, like Razor Thin Media, to help you with these different marketing mechanisms could allow you to have the time you need to focus on the other important aspects of your business. But we warn you working with the wrong so-called “Expert” can leave your business struggling to survive.  Razor Thin Media is backed by over 25 years of real-life experience.  Our team has worked for large corporations like, Bekins Van Lines, Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices, and many medium and small-sized businesses to identify, craft, and build their business brand and Identity.  We can help your business by first understanding who you are, how to reach your customers, and how to translate that into a brand that speaks to them.

The important thing is to do it. As the world moves forward, building your online presence is a must. The impact that it can have on your rural small business is astronomical.

Contact the Razor Team today if you need help getting started by giving us a call at 928.978.5077 or through our website at

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