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Four Reasons You Need A Blog For Your Business

One of the greatest ways to build your brand awareness, while continuing to provide

important, relevant content to your target audience is through blogging. It seems like every day in the business world there is a new tool, idea, or strategy to meet the demands of potential customers. With the growth of many marketing channels and platforms, the competition for some business owners can be fierce.

The importance of having a strong web presence is more important now than it has ever been, not just to be seen but to engage with potential customers.

A high functioning, esthetically pleasing website is vital to your online and brand strategy, the nature of the beast requires businesses to push further to generate real potential leads.

Build Your Brand With An Effective Blog

Blogging is an extremely inexpensive way for your business to drive traffic to your site and attract potential customers. Here is 4 Key reasons that starting a blog could benefit your small business.

1. Major SEO Boost

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Major search engines like Google have very sensitive algorithms that love fresh, updated content. Having a blog that you can update your website with monthly, weekly, or even daily is a way to send waves to these search engines that your website is being updated frequently and gives it the content it needs to index. This can greatly impact your Google ranking.

In almost all cases this is an extremely budget-friendly way of creating content that can provide a search engine boost for your business.

Blogs can also increase your SEO standing as it provides an opportunity to utilize crucial keywords that consumers typically search for relating to your specific service or product.

2. Develop & Create Customer Relationships

The days of billboards are beginning to fall into the rearview mirror in terms of marketing. Engagement has become essentially important for online marketing strategies. Just being seen is no longer sufficient.

Blogging will allow your business a better opportunity to connect to current and potential customers. Providing interesting and impactful content that the target audience finds relevant builds trust with customers.

3. Creates Content That Can Be Shared

Unlike billboards other static advertising, blogs allow for those who find value in the blog to share it's link with others.

Through Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or emailing the link, the blog can have the potential to create viral traffic.

What does that sound like?

Free Marketing! That's what it sounds like. By creating valuable content you can find your blog being linked, tweeted, and shared to hundreds and thousands of potential customers.

4. Build Brand Awareness

Image is truly everything. Brand awareness is immensely important in your marketing strategy, and a strong blog can let your followers see who you are as a business.

Blogging allows your business personality to be seen. You can be exceptionally open about your brand message that you may not be able to in other marketing mechanisms.

Experience The Razor Way

Generating a strong blog can do wonders for a small business. It will increase your online exposure and identify you as an expert in your industry all why building relationships with your current and potential customers.

Writing a blog is essential for small businesses and if you don't have the time to do so the Razor Team would love to help. We can help create unique, engaging, and optimized content to give your online presence the boost it needs.

Contact us today at 928.978.5077 or visit our website at to see ALL Razor Thin Media has to offer.

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