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Razor Thin Media Waffles

In the movie Space Jam, Michael Jordan is found drinking from a water bottle that says, "Michael's Secret Stuff". The rest of the Looney Tunes all took a quick swig of the water immediately feeling that they could accomplish anything! Well, Razor Thin Media has a secret sauce as well, and that's our waffles.

Today, we want to walk you through how to make a Razor Thin Media waffle as an analogy on how to create a perfect recipe for a small business marketing message.

Grab your apron and your chef hat. Let's get started.

1. Find Your Ingredients

The first step in creating a perfect Razor Thin Media waffle is to have all of the ingredients readily available. The last thing you want is to be half way through making your waffle only to find that you don't have the right amount of this or didn't realize you don't have that. You need to identify all the ingredients you will need and utilize your recipe to maximize your waffle experience by knowing when to introduce each component into the mix.

This same idea needs to be applied in marketing. You first need to identify your ingredients and when to best apply those ingredients into the mix. Who is your target audience? What marketing platforms are going to connect with that audience most? What social channels is your target audience found on most? What matters most to your potential customers? What need are you filling?

Asking yourself questions like these will provide a solid foundation to begin to build your marketing message and eventually create the "perfect waffle".

2. Mash the Banana

The Razor Thin Media waffle calls for a banana and half to be mashed with a fork into a paste-like substance. How is the banana like marketing you ask?

The banana is the first piece that needs to be established in the waffle. Like the banana, your logo and graphic designs for your specific brand stand at the gate for all potential customers. It is the first thing that most people will see and will be what most people identify with your brand.

The banana in the Razor Thin Media waffle is one of the strongest flavors. A company’s image is one of the most significant aspects of its business. It attracts customers, retains them, and defines the nature of the company. Creating a good image with great graphics should occupy a prominent place in any company’s overall marketing strategy.

3. Add 2 Scoops of Protein

After the banana's are adequately mashed, it is time to add two scoops of protein. Nothing can feel you up and help you feel strong like a good scoop of protein.

Protein in your waffle is like photo and video production in your marketing plan. It is a huge aspect of your small business. A professionally shot video with high production values signals to viewers that your company appreciates quality and seeks it out in everything they do.

Protein has been founded to be vitally important to the human body. As a small business your protein is your photo/video content.

4. Add in the Oats

Everyone loves oats right? Oats keep you full and give you a ton of important nutritional value.

One of the best ways in marketing to keep your customers full, is continuing to provide great content that they can engage in as well as continue to see what your business has to offer! People who can use social media to their marketing advantage can push themselves and their companies ahead of the pack.

By providing great content often on the social media platforms that suit your target audience best, both current customers and future customers will be provided the necessary "nutrition" to have your business, product, and services on their mind.

5. Dash of Cinnamon

Here is Razor Thin Media's secret ingredient. A dash of cinnamon can give that extra little flavor to to make your mouth water for more!

Cinnamon is your mobile compatibility for your website. It is well known fact that almost everyone in the world has a computer in their pocket. With the growth of cell phones, more and more potential customers will see your company website through the lens of a smart phone. Ensuring that your site is mobile friendly is vitally important to the overall outlook on your business. If their experience viewing and interacting with your site is poor, they'll likely have a lower opinion of your brand, and they'll also be more likely to visit a competitor's site.

Just like cinnamon can be such a powerful flavor, having your site ready for view via a cell phone or other mobile device will truly pack a marketing punch.

6. Crack the Egg

Egg's are universally used in baking as a agent to hold and keep ingredients together. With a couple egg's in our waffles it creates a blend of waffle perfection.

What holds your marketing message together is your website. It is your digital forefront where many potential customers will come to see why they should spend their hardworking dollars on your business and product. If your website does not exude professionalism, credibility, and great quality, customers may be scared away.

7. Warm Up the Waffle Maker and Cook!

Hardest part of making a waffle is having to sit there for those few seconds as it cooks. Your excited, you have worked hard on crafting this waffle, but now it is up to the waffle maker to do it's job.

In a lot of ways waiting for your waffle is a lot like your ad's and promotions. With all your plan in place and your ingredients mixed it is up to the waffle maker to do it's thing.

As your waffle cooks and you are able to connect with your audience and help them see that you see them as real people with real needs.  Help them trust your products and services because they will help them be happier, stronger, faster, etc!

As you do this they will come and it will taste and be great!

Razor Thin Media is Here to Help!

Creating great waffles is a hobby of the Razor Team but what we can truly offer is helping you design, develop, launch and track your marketing and advertising efforts.  We would love to meet you and explain the  "Razor" way of building marketing strategies that cut through all the clutter and elevate your business to the top.

Contact Us Today or give us a call at 928.978.5077 for all of your marketing needs!

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