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What is "Google My Business" and Why Is It Important?

In recent months we have had the opportunity to work with many of our clients both making business transitions and in the middle of their business startups get calibrated to be found on Google.

One crucial aspect of your marketing strategy is Google My Business. With almost all consumers relying on the world wide web to make purchasing decisions, a company that is looking to grow needs to make sure they have Google My Business set up, and set up correctly.

What is Google My Business?

To begin, you need to fully understand what Google My Business is before you decide to dive into getting it set up. Google My Business allows you to create a listing for your business on Google and gives you the ability to manage that listing.

When a potential customer searches in Google for your business or a keyword term related to your business, you want to be in the best position possible to have all the information the potential customer may need to answer their question, leading them to contact your business. To make sure that happens you need to optimize your Google My Business.

Google My Business, allows you to manage your company’s appearance on the world’s most popular search engine. This feature offers your business a lot of perks.

  • Encourage and interact with reviewers

  • Provide crucial information about your business, like your hours, phone number, and more

  • Make it easy for your clients to get directions to your location

  • Promote company events and news

  • Add photos of your business

How Much Does it Cost?

Absolutely free. Yes, free. F-R-E-E. You do not pay a dime. Sounds nice, right? You can even update your listing from your phone with the free Google My Business mobile app.

Why is Google My Business Important?

There are two main reasons that your small business should establish Google My Business.

1) Generates Leads -

Did you know that Google searches with the term "Near Me" have increased by 500%? People want to do business locally, (or maybe they just don't want to leave there home) so they are looking for options close to them. When they are making these types of searches and using Google as the search engine, Google almost always displays Google My Business Profiles. If you do not have a profile it is going to lower your chances of being found greatly.

2) Increase Your Google Ranking -

Google wants to provide users with the best online and offline experience, which is why it tries to deliver the most relevant search results. Meaning, if you’re a flooring company that installs hardwood floors, your Google My Business profile wouldn’t appear for someone looking for painting companies in the area.

If you want to maximize your ranking in search results, which can lead to more clicks on your Google My Business profile, and potentially more leads to your business, then you need to optimize your profile.

This is all because Google favors Google My Business profiles with more information and the amount of user engagement. By completely setting up your Google My Business, like your hours, location, and services, Google can ensure it’s relevant to a search and your rankings will rise.

How to Set Up My Google My Business

1) Claim or Set Up Your Account

If your company already has a Google My Business but does not own it then you can claim the business. Click here to do so. If you are a new company click here to get started.

2) Fill In Your Business Information

After you sign in or create an account fill in all your companies important information such as:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone number

  • Hours

  • Industry

You can also add pictures of your business, this may help new or returning customers connect with your business or create a desire to do business with you. For example, if you’re a flooring company, you can include photos of your most recent flooring jobs.

3) Make Sure To Verify Your Account

Verifying your account is another very important step when signing up for Google My Business. Once you review your information and conclude that it is accurate, you’re ready to verify yourself as the owner of your business.

You can verify your business by email, mail, phone, or Google Search Console. Click here to verify your business.

4) Update Your Google My Business Regularly

Even though you have claimed and set up your Google My Business it is important to update and check on it regularly. If hours or contact information changes be sure to update quickly.

Respond to reviews and questions daily to create a strong business to consumer relationship.

Razor Thin Media Is Here To Help!

Having a digital marketing company there to help you throughout the marketing process can ensure that your account is set up correctly and updated often. Razor Thin Media has had years of experience in helping both startup companies and long-established businesses update and create social media strategies that WIN!

We would love to help you to. Contact us today by visiting our website at or giving us a call at 928.978.5077.

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